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Hot Roll Laminating Machines
Our Hot Roll Laminating machines are user-friendly and with its compact design, you can be assured that it can easily fit in any place you want while being assured of nothing less than the best results.
Pouch Laminating Machines
We have the best pouch laminating machines that should perform well according to your demands. Durability and dependability are two of the factors that we consider important to make sure that we will be able to perform with excellence even when the demand goes higher than usual.
Laminating Consumables
We offer binding machines at an affordable price while giving our clients the assurance that they will definitely get more than what they have paid for.
Binding Machines
We have the widest range of choices for paper folding machines that will bring the most appropriate solutions for all your paper folding needs. Our paper folding machines can work with standard and non-standard papers and has various capacities to eliminate any sort of inconvenience that can prevent you in performing your task.
A3 Binding Covers
We know the importance of paper shredding so we made sure that our paper shredders will function according to your most desired purposes. The compact and stylish designs that our paper shredders boast of will certainly create better reasons for it to find a perfect space in your office and start performing to adhere with your demands.
Your need for guillotines will depend on how you intend to use it and we made sure that you will find exactly what you want on our offerings. Manual or electric, we can guarantee that our heavy duty guillotines will do paper cutting to bring the kind of results that you hope to have.
Paper Folding Machines
We have the finest paper trimmers to provide flaw-free trimming. Whether you are in search of manual or power trimmer, we have the selection that should provide you the best options. Our trimmers come with the most stylish design plus the guarantee that the blades are sharp enough to accomplish even the most demanding printing tasks.
Paper Shredders
Our white boards are durable and stylish to make sure that you will be able to send your message and present your ideas in the best possible way.

Whiteboards are our most popular product in our store - make sure to check out our entire range of whiteboards for your office today.
Guillotines & Trimmers
We have the best paper drills that will not just guarantee user-satisfaction but also our client’s safety. We give importance to the convenience of the users and made sure that ease of use will be experienced even when the paper drilling job becomes more demanding than the way it usually is without necessarily affecting the quality of its performance.
We can help you put large piles of paper without unnecessary jams. We have manual and electric staplers to perform heavy duty tasks. Each comes in a stylish design that is specifically intended to establish the smoothest operation and the most dependable operations.
Punching holes should never be a problem especially if you will be presented with the best hole punching solutions like the ones we offer. Our high-precision hole punches will allow you to accomplish even large volume tasks effortlessly while getting the assurance of excellent results.
Hole Punches & Paper Drills
We offer the best mobility scooters that will allow you to perform tasks that our usually beyond your limitations. Mobility scooters will allow you to transfer from one place to another with lesser effort with the guarantee of safety and convenience. We have the widest range of choices to provide you what you need at the most affordable prices.

Business Machines Online is your online wholesale/discount store throughout Australia where you can select and buy a Binding Machine, a Laminating Machine, a Paper Shredder or other products including, Paper Folding Machines, Hot Roll Laminating Machines, Manual and Electric Guillotines, Whiteboards, Pouch Laminating Machines, Paper Drills and much more.

Great brands available online including -

Dahle Paper Folding Machines GMP Pouch laminators A4 and A3Ideal Electric Guillotine & Manual GuillotineJastek Binding Machines electric and manual
Neolt paper Trimmers PEach Pouch laminators A4 and A3
Rapid Electric staplersUchida Paper Folding Machines




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